There is…

a 5 foot long  –


in my basement!


I am happily, calmly blogging when husband interrupts me –

“Can you come downstairs and help me with something?” in his calm, rather soft-spoken way.


It is all coiled up by the back door of the basement resting comfortably on some blankets.  It sees us, gives a little tongue flick.

Husband wants us to move the plant next to it that is blocking the door, and to open door and – I don’t know – kick? it out?

I say “maybe we should leave it alone and wait for the guys [it just so happens we are having 2 guys from Jersey coming over to dinner tonite] to help. They may know what kind of snake it is.

So. We are waiting for the company.

Hi, come in, help us with this snake…





9 responses to “There is…

  1. oh holy hell. A five foot black snake? That’s five feet more snake than I can handle. (and, no, I don’t mean that in the dirty way…) I had snake nightmares as a child from which I’ve never entirely recovered.

    Please do a follow-up post because I cannot even imagine how you’ve decided not to just MOVE rather than deal with the situation…

  2. Oh Man. {{{Screams}}}

    I hate snakes. Please tell me you found him again and got rid of it.


  3. We did not find the snake again.

    Husband says maybe I better stay out of the basement for a while.

    Shit, I was actually starting to think about using the nordic track down there any day now… oh, well.

    It has to be able to get out the same way it got in, no?

  4. bruddahbob

    I tried to do a search to find the snake’s blog. No luck yet.

  5. the snake’s log? huh?

    so I thought Fritz & Wing may be able to help [I told them about the snake before we discovered it had gone missing], Fritz says ‘”we don’t know anything about snakes, what do we know from snakes?”

  6. It is probably not venemous, it is probably a black racer, a rat snake, or a black king snake. But you should make sure. Go look it up:

    Also, call the humane society, they can either help you identify it and wrangle it or can give you numbers for wildlife organizations that can.

    Jeez. Snakes. I am all creeped out now.

  7. Thanks for the link, Max. I agree – it is likely not venomous it looked like a black racer or rat snake.

    Unfortunately it has gone missing, we have not seen it again.

  8. My parents have had a black rat snake living in their basement for years. My mom’s an animal lover – all kinds including snakes – so this was not only not a problem for them, but it also kept eating the mice who were happily digging into the electrical work in my dad’s sound studio.

    Yesterday they found the snake dead in the basement under the ironing board. Seems as though my dad will have to worry about the wiring again. Get a cat, perhaps?

    Anyway, they rarely saw the snake in the years that it lived there. Once every few months they’d find its shed skin. Not to gross you out here, just saying it may have found a nice little cubby unfindable by you in which to live snugly and eat your rodents away.

  9. We found it and got it outside since then. But who knows, it could get back in the way it came.

    I actually have no problem if it stays down there and eats the mice – as long as it doesn’t come up the stairs or attack us in the basement!

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