Paris, oui?

This 2-bedroom apartment in Paris – in the Marais, one of my favorite neighborhoods – is for sale. One month’s worth. It has a name – “Jardin Saint-Paul.” Oo la la – quelles romantic!

I have been harboring this Paris apartment dream for a while now. To live in Paris one month a year, invite all my friends to visit. This one costs $146,000 for a month’s share. $1,800 per year to cover upkeep, utilities, etc.

I read this and was so ready-to-buy. This lasted roughly 30 minutes until I told husband of “our new plans.” He says – “it’ll be cheaper than $146,000 plus $1,800 a year to rent an apartment for a month each year.”

Sigh. What do you think?

More pics.

Where I found this – a NY Times article.

Photo: Richard L. Harbus for The New York Times



7 responses to “Paris, oui?

  1. He says – “it’ll be cheaper than $146,000 plus $1,800 a year to rent an apartment for a month each year.”

    It depends on how much you charge your guests. 😉

  2. $1,800 sound good?

  3. It is a beautiful place. The plus to taking it is, if you are already committed to the cash and the time slot, you will go to Paris one month every year. If you do not get it and just say, Oh well I will go to Paris each year, planning the trip and the time and finding the place to rent will probably get put off and the trip probably will not happen. So yeah, more expensive, but, guaranteed you will actually go if you get the place. So that is the trade off.

  4. That makes sense to me, given that we are such procrastinators we wait a year to renew our passports – let alone plan a trip.

  5. See? If it is on the calendar and paid for you will go.

  6. Aren’t there some tax write offs for time shares?

  7. I luv you guys…[smile]

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