No power

I told my “is thrifty even a word?” mother when she sold her house a couple of years ago to not spend it all.  She has spent it all.

I told my father after he got out of rehab to change his ways.  Make sure he gets help in the house.  Get those swollen feet of his treated so they do not swell again.  His foot has swollen again and he has cancelled [temporarily he says – there is always an excuse] the home helper visits.

I have gained 5 pounds – mostly when I visited my father.  Then a business trip, then a dinner party with friends, then a mother’s day dinner.  I cannot rid myself of this.

It stormed real bad on mother’s day, when we left the restaurant the winds were blowing 40-50 miles per hour, the rain was falling sideways in the way that no umbrella would make a dent in keeping one dry.  

About 30 minutes after we got home, after it had gotten dark outside – we lost power.


2 responses to “No power

  1. Don’t let your parents refusal to take care of themselves drag you down too. You worked hard to lose that weight and worry and efforts on your part to care for them is taking that away from you. They are adults. It is their job to care for themselves. And you. You are their child not their keeper.

  2. You’re right. I have begun to realize this, and am starting to pull myself back a little. I am not their keeper, and I have done the best I can do. They are adults.

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