Dogwood mornings

I awaken to the view of the dogwood right outside my bedroom window.

I savor the serene beauty.

The white flowers appear for a short few weeks in spring, then scatter into the green.


5 responses to “Dogwood mornings

  1. That is majestic.

    Gosh I wish i had a view like that behind my house.

  2. I love the way the tree curves like that. That is right out the front of the house.

    You’ve got that nice pool and the visiting duck.

  3. Yeah, I like that bent dogwood, too.

    About the duck, I checked one of the eggs today with a light and it is a fertilized egg.

  4. Michele – thank you for that picture. I miss dogwoods. There were some outside the building where I lived in Vancouver – they have such a lovely shape and yours is particularly nice…

    Kitty, that’s cool about the duck egg.

  5. Kitty – that is so, so cool. Baby ducklings coming your way.

    Sulya – I’m glad I caught it on film the other day – this morning I woke up and most of the flowers are already gone – I see them scattered on the ground.

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