Saturday night relics

We went with some friends to see Lou Reed the other night.  The last time I saw him play was at the Bottom Line in the West Village, way back.

The place was packed.  We stood the whole time – no seats downstairs – so I got up close to the stage.

He looked pretty damn weathered.   



I am not a huge fan, but I did enjoy the only 2 songs I knew – “Sweet Jane” and “Walk on the Wild Side.”  Plus, we could wander outside to the smoking area, which had it’s own bar.

Afterwards, we drove around town in the rain looking for a bar to chill in, and quickly realized it was prom night – all the gowns and tuxes overflowed into the streets.  Ended up going to the ancient-as-hell Jefferson Hotel [they have a good bar, so I hear], and although the bar was closed there was a wedding with a cash bar in the lobby.  So we crashed the wedding, sat in the lush couches in our jeans, and watched the parade of dressed-up wedding guests parade down the majestic staircase. [The staircase there is rumored to have inspired the staircase in “Gone with the Wind.”]

When we left, we saw Lou’s bus parked in the lot.  We should have crashed his party too.


3 responses to “Saturday night relics

  1. Was the show anything like this?

  2. I didn’t even think he was still alive. Just a perfect day.

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