Chasing little bottles

or – “how I spent my Saturday afternoon.”

I have not flown in quite a while because, quite frankly, I have feared it has become a major hassle.

It has.

Tomorrow I have to fly on business & in preparation I found myself scouring drug store shelves for little 3-oz. bottles of all of my various assorted sundries to place in the requisite quart-sized ziploc baggy.  

Does my shampoo come in that size?  No.

My toothpaste? No.

Hair product? No.

Saline solution?  Not any I could find.  Not one brand.

Sister tells me I cannot buy empty bottles to pour my stuff into.  [I am not sure this is correct, but who knows – perhaps the airline industry & the toiletry-making industries are in co-hoots to sell over-priced teeny bottles I would not be surprised.]

I ended up buying the cheapest teeny bottles of stuff I do not use and will empty them and put my own products inside.  Ooo – cheating.  

I was so aggravated I went to the mall afterwards to shop aimlessly and fell upon a closing Sigrid Olsen store with everything marked down 50%.  Bought 2 pair of jeans, 3 tops, and a sweater.

So there. 


6 responses to “Chasing little bottles

  1. Last year we just had to buy saline solution after we landed.
    Is it a new rule that things have to be in original containers?

  2. That is what my sister said and she travels a lot. She could be wrong though.

  3. It all depends on the airport. Some are stricter than others.

  4. Did you make it back okay?

    The storms started up this evening and finally cleared up an hour ago.

  5. Yeah, I did, thanks. We left before the storms – around 3:00.

    The plane left late cuz there was a hole in the baggage hold and they had to move all the luggage to the front, then had to move passengers around to balance the plane – ack.

    I had a great time meeting you! Thanks for everything!

  6. It was absolutely wonderful meeting you, Michele.
    I knew it would be fun.

    A lot of people lost their roofs last night. It was a baaaad storm.

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