It keeps getting bigger

A few weeks ago, my mother saw a shadow in her apartment.  It moved.

She tells me “there’s a ghost in here.”  I say “yeah, right.”  She insists that the dog saw it too.


A few days ago, she’s like a crazy woman, telling me there are mice in her apartment, she found mouse turds in a drawer that houses her summer clothes and she got no sleep and needs to move.  Now.

I begin to take this more seriously, she left her last house in North Carolina and moved here because of mice in her house.

I tell her “calm down, you are in an apartment now, call the super.”  I send husband out to get mouse traps, the kind that traps them but does not kill them – they are small things called “mice cubes.”

She puts peanut butter in the traps, the super puts poison pellets in her house, and for good measure she leaves a piece of dog food loose on the kitchen floor as bait.

This morning – the traps are empty.  But the dog food bait – is gone. 

She loses it.  Swears now that there is a rat in her house that cannot fit into the traps.  Pronounces “I need to get out of here.”

I say “calm down I cannot take this anymore – maybe the dog ate it.”

She says that is impossible she locked the dog up with her in her bedroom.

I say – “there are no rats here maybe it is a rabbit.”

She says – maybe.



5 responses to “It keeps getting bigger

  1. “She insists that the dog saw it too.”

    I just love that.

  2. That dog is as smart as a person to her.

  3. Who you gonna call?

    That’s right. Ghostbusters!

    I’d be scared if I saw a shadow and my dog barked at the same thing. I would call them. Ghostbusters!

  4. That dog is for sure smart enough to tell her peanut butter is not mouse bait. Listen, if you want to lure something into a trap, you do not put something tasty and delicious and big in the open easy to get to and something the trapee does not even want in little boxes out of the way that are hard to get to.

  5. Ghostbusters, lol!

    Yeah, Max, she is not thinking too logically at the moment, she is frenzied.

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