Yesterday I stepped outside the office into a balmy sunny day for the first time in months, for a smoke in the fresh air – and kept walking. 

First into the park across the street.  I walked by a lone, lost looking man, and several scary-looking ginormous wasps – and kept walking – until I found myself downtown in the historic area.

I discovered a Starbucks set to open next week.

A new tony men’s-only hair salon – definately going after the metrosexuals with offers for free shoe-shines and manicures.

A new Japanese sushi place, it’s proprietors outside for a smoke on the cobblestone street [which by the way is not good for the health of high heels, sigh.]

A couple of new stores of interest – an upscale clothing store which I stepped into for a quick look – no time to really shop there – yet.  And a modern furniture store with a sale going on.   Turns out the clothing store had been there 18 months – boy I do not get out much.

Perused the books in an independent book shop that is offering poetry readings all month.  Dug into John Truby’s “Anatomy of a Story.”  Got an idea for the script I am writing.

I so need to get out more often.  


4 responses to “Walk

  1. You need to take us on more cigarette breaks.

  2. Next time I will walk by the river.

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