Scary resemblance to Bridget Jones

This quiz [of questionable title] says my quote is:

“I choose Vodka.  And Chaka Khan.” (Quote from Bridget Jones’s Diary.)



If you got this quote what you need is a girls’ night out, sweetie. Who needs all these boy problems?  You just get in your flannel pajamas and under this blanket and I will go get us the vodka from the freezer and the Coyote Ugly DVD and then there will be chatting and giggling and drunken catcalls when that hot Australian guy strips on the bar.”



9 responses to “Scary resemblance to Bridget Jones

  1. Hmm. I am vodka & chaka khan too.

  2. We can issue drunken catcalls at hot stripping Australian guy together then.

  3. If I’m not too late then I will join this party as I got the same result as well. (And, I echo max’s hmmm… Though I cannot say that a night of drunken cat-calling sounds at all bad.)

  4. Wait. Hot stripping Australian guys?


  5. You are: “I’ve got a sunset in my veins and I need to take a pill to make this town feel okay”
    (Lyrics from Fall Out Boy.)
    If you got this quote then take my hand. We will leave it all behind.

    Quiz has me pegged. LOL.

  6. Who knew TJ was Australian?

    Kitty, that is funny. I thought you might get the Gerard Way quote – you know he’s in there too.

  7. youdontcarewhoyouhurt

    I am “I wake up in the morning and I drink a lot of fucking coffee all day and I smoke a lot of fucking cigarettes and it sucks.”

    I took it again because I didn’t like that one. Got it again, which fucking sucks.

  8. There there. Have some coffee.

  9. Oh that is the Gerard Way quote, lol.

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