Travel un-perks

road.jpgThere are some things that go out the window when on a [seemingly] prolonged stay away from home –

– the diet.  I cannot diet while eating out 2 or 3 times a day – or while munching on junk food in bed.

– clean sheets.  Yes, peeling off the covers in the new room and finding hairs – hairs! – in the bed is not such a good thing.

– smoking outside.  Okay, this is a good thing, I can smoke in the hotel room.  Going thru way-too-many cigs, though.  Hint – smoking in the shower does not work that well.

– decent TV.  Lately tv has not been that great, but, hey, at least there was a choice of shit-tv.  There are like 10 channels here, and no cable news channels except Fox News – ack!

– real coffee without getting in the car and driving to Starbucks – which I will not do before showering, dressing, applying make-up.  The hotel coffee is shit, the coffee maker in the room – broken.

Okay I am done. 


5 responses to “Travel un-perks

  1. youdontcarewhoyouhurt

    Starbucks is do-able without good hygiene or make-up, swear. All you need are gigantic Olsen twin sunglasses and a big floppy hat. It’s bag lady chic.

  2. Yeah, I have been known to do that in an emergency situation – but only in NYC where nobody cares.

  3. (Quietly thinking that if I did not get coffee or grocery shop without first make-upping and dressing my life as a shut-in, ranting crazy cat-lady would begin just a tad earlier than anticipated.)

    michele, I hope things are going/went reasonably well despite the un-perks. Sendin’ good vibes.

  4. Sulya – I think when I get older I may stop caring how I look when I go out. Here’s hoping, anyway.

    I am home and glad to be here.

    Thanks Kitty, I’ll check it out when I get to a non-dialup connection – probably tomorrow.

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