New order

Yesterday –

I changed my writing milieu.  Kitchen table [feng-shui wealth corner of house] instead of office.  Laptop instead of desktop.   Word instead of Final Draft.

Afternoon instead of way-too-early morning.

Limoncello instead of coffee.

Noise instead of quiet.  New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle” blaring on the stereo.  Interupted by convo’s with dad – arranging to get him home safely out of rehab next week.

Every time I see you falling  
I get down on my knees and pray”

Dad – “I’m the one who’s gonna make all the decisions.  Not you.”

Me – “Who’s making decisions I just wanna set up some meetings [with home health care].”

Dad – [to entering nurse] – “Don’t take my pressure now I’m sure it’s up.”

We crack up.

Dad – to me – “You have me on the floor again already.”

Me – “Well…”

Dad – “Okay, I’ll call and set them up, okay? That’s what you want?”

Relief.  Back to writing.

Must look up the word “sycophant” while smoking on the porch.

Yeah, sycophant works.

Dad calls back.  Appointments are set up.

Back to writing. 

“I’m waiting for that final moment
You’ll say the words that I can’t say”

[here is the song, I really like it -]


8 responses to “New order

  1. I really enjoy this post. And I have no idea why. I just like it.

  2. Thank you, Max.

  3. Afternoon instead of early morning, great idea.

    Humor is healing, Michele, keep it up.

  4. I do the best I can [smile].

  5. “I changed my writing milieu. Kitchen table [feng-shui wealth corner of house] instead of office. Laptop instead of desktop. Word instead of Final Draft.”


  6. I’m with max, honey. Something about this post just tied all the things going on in your space and life together really evocatively. And anyone who makes use of New Order and Bizarre Love Triangle in particular is golden as far as I’m concerned. That song has been coming to my mind at odd times for many many many years now – it was nice to find it here too.

  7. youdontcarewhoyouhurt

    Love this. The story, the music. Thanks!

  8. Thanks, Sulya.

    Thanks for stopping by, youdon’tcare.

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