23 hours in New York – part 2

The line outside the Shubert Theater was way long, so we stood off to the side and had a smoke.  Some guy came up to us for a light, looked at me and told husband he has good taste.  [I am not making that up.]

We had 4th row center seats, a spit away from the stage.  The play was funny as hell, this coming from a not so much Monty Python fan [moi].  It is [loosely] based on the film “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”  I thought Clay was really great [surprise], husband thought he may have overacted, to which I countered “He is playing cowardly Sir Robin he is supposed to act afraid.” Half-a-spoiler alert:  go for seat A101.  I will not say why.

After the show we raced to the stage door and lined up with other fans around the barricades only to find out that Clay would not be signing tonight – jeez.  He signed the night before, the night after – what the heck?  The other actors came outside though, so we stayed a while.

This is Hannah Waddingham, aka “the lady of the lake.”  She is 6 feet tall in stocking feet.


I got other autographs too – Tom Deckman, aka Prince Herbert and Not Dead Fred, and Rick Holmes, aka Sir Lancelot.


We walked over to Morrell’s Wine Bar after, & passed the new “Electric Fountain” by British artists Tim Noble & Sue Webster installed until April 5. Hmm.


The bar was closing when we entered, but the bartender remembered us and waved us in. Hmm – we do not go up there that often, once every few months maybe, so that was nice.

23 hours in New York part 1


3 responses to “23 hours in New York – part 2

  1. Who played King Arthur?

  2. Jonathan Hadary was King Arthur. Did you see it yet?

    Sorry we couldn’t get together with you guys – we literally decided to go up at the last minute, drove up Thursday, left Friday night.

  3. Oh and Sir Lancelot ad-libbed a line about Spitzer and King Arthur lost it – it was hilarious. Totally off-script, poor guy could not keep a straight face.

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