I was Anne Bonny?

old-boat.jpgSo says this quiz

“You were most like Anne Bonny, one of the most famous female pirates in history. You’re very rebellious, & outspoken. She became a pirate to escape the stupid rules of society. Why do they call it freedom when it isn’t all that free? On the seas you sail, abiding by only the rules you made for yourself. The adventure, the freedom, the romance, and the riches… What more could a girl ask for?”

Um, didn’t she disappear, never to be found again?


12 responses to “I was Anne Bonny?

  1. Helen of Troy

    You were most like Helen Of Troy. She’s a lover, not a fighter. Helen was once Queen of Sparta until Paris, the Prince of Troy, took her away. The two fell madly in love. When her King found out what had happened, he was in jealous rage. Helen then got the name, Helen of Troy. If there’s one thing everyone knows about you, it’s that you long to find your one true love. You are sweet and caring, everyone thinks you are the person to come to when they have a problem in relationships because you’ve made your relationship last. You have gotten through many obstacles, and here you are.

    (ah ha ha hah ha ha ha ha)

  2. Oh cool, I am Cleopatra.

    You were most like Cleopatra. She’s very.. passionate & determined. She ruled Egypt at the age of 18. You’re independent, but there are times where others are good to work with. You hate being told what to do. Since you’re used to being the one in charge, you’re the one who gives the orders.

  3. Why do Helen of Troy and Cleopatra sound so much more – sexy?

  4. I’d take killer pirate gal over helen of troy any day. Fuck my face and those thousand ships if all I do is get to sit around and watch men kill each other in my name. Give me my own weapon dammit and barrel of rum!!!

  5. sorry for the swearing michele – feel free to edit – it just felt right for a pirate gal wannabe to bring the expletives…. (sheepish smile)

  6. I don’t know – a lot of men fighting over me could be interesting to watch for a little while anyway.

    Do not apologize to the “O” girl for swearing, lol.

  7. “Do not apologize to the “O” girl for swearing, lol.”

    I am so cracking up.

  8. Uh oh, could be bunny name fodder.

    [did I just say that?]

  9. Gee. The O Bunny. Why didn’t I think of that?

  10. Don’t do anything rash now…

  11. ::: whistling :::

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