23 hours in New York – part 1

There’s nothing like an unscheduled quickie trip to NYC to re-energize the soul.  And the stomach.


As per usual, hotel prices change from visit to visit, so there is always an exercise in finding the hotel [meaning the at-the-moment cheapest, non-dive, non-tourist trap, midtown east place listed on hotels.com.]

 We landed at the Shelburne Murray Hill at 37th and Lex.  Too bad it was just for one night, we ended up with a corner one bedroom suite, with a large living room, kitchen & bedroom, with views of the East River and the Chrysler building.

Spent 15 minutes rejuvenating from the drive up [record time – we made it in 5 hours] and changing clothes before heading over to the “new” Second Avenue Deli, on 33rd between Lex and Third, for dinner before the Spamalot adventure.

The venue may have changed, but the food did not.

The slaw, pickles [both half and full sour], sour tomatoes, and the new addition to the menu freebies – greven [um that is warm bits of crunchy fried chicken skin] – held us over til the rest arrived.

Huge bowl of matzo ball soup [for husband – I was saving myself for the — 


2 pastrami sandwiches, a side of kasha varnishkes, 1 Dr. Brown’s Celray, 1 cream.



Waddled out to catch the play [part 2 to come – there are stage door pictures.]



3 responses to “23 hours in New York – part 1

  1. youdontcarewhoyouhurt

    Greven – i’ve been eating it for years by removing the extra crispy from the KFC! Yum.

  2. Ah – but this greven is kosher. Both good, though.

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