Spamalot Clay yay!


A quickie, unplanned trip to NYC tonight.

4th row center seats. 

Stage door mania.

Need I say more?

If this does not get me out of funkdom, nothing will.


3 responses to “Spamalot Clay yay!

  1. MCR is coming back to town as well.

    You always get the best seats, lucky dog.

  2. Oh you will be happy girl now. Yay!

  3. Oh I had a great time – just what I needed. That play was funny as hell, and Clay was really great in it. Plus, we were so close to the stage we could see the Orchestra conductor’s head down in the pit. Clay did not come to the stage door, though, sigh. We got the autographs of 3 of the other stars though.

    Kitty, I really lucked out on those tickets, the place was packed full and I have no idea how I got such close tickets the day before the show. Must have been meant to be 🙂

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