Water pills

You may be taking more medicine than you think.


A recent Associated Press study indicates that prescription and over-the-counter drugs, both human and animal, have been found in the water supply. 

 In. the. tap. water.

These drugs include:  Heart medication.  Estrogen.  Antibiotics.  Anti-convulsants.  Mood stabilizers.   Ibuprofen.   And more.

Apparently these drugs get into the drinking water through sewage systems that do not entirely filter them out before the water is re-delivered to the populace. 

bottled-water.jpg But.  It is not just in tap water.  It could be in bottled water – which  is in many cases – repackaged tap water.  Well water is not immune from this either.

I find this truly alarming. 

I find it disturbing that this has been known for at least 8 years.  

Until something is done about it – there are no standards and no measurements to the standards and of course the utility companies are saying that the water is safe there are only miniscule amounts [um, miniscule amounts can add up over time, right?] –  I will be filtering my water at home.  


6 responses to “Water pills

  1. Filtering the water will not be enough. Most filters cannot remove the drug particles. I will be drinking only distilled water from this point on. Thank you for creating awareness about this failure of basic government responsibility – protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens. The regulatory agencies have been taken over by the pharmaceutical lobby. We are slowly being poisoned.

  2. Um. If they aren’t filtering out drugs, what else aren’t they filtering out?

    Jeesh, now I have to research how Pellegrino is bottled.

  3. I have known about this for years, but i don’t know how I know.
    I think maybe one of my paranoid friends told me about that.

    You know, in Austin, Texas the water has natural lithium in it?

  4. It is a scary day when paranoia turns out to be reality.

    I think the filtering in Europe is better – they have known about this and are addressing it rather than just telling everyone it’s safe don’t worry your little heads off.

  5. I’m reminded of the good old days of the 60s when Abbie Hoffman and the Yippies threatened to put LSD in the water supply. Power to the people! Right on.

  6. LSD is probably less harmful than this shit.

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