White jumpsuit dream


I dreamt I was in a city.  I know I have been there before, but I cannot place it.

Lots of beige brick buildings, neither tall nor squat.

There is a stairway entrance to a monorail hidden behind a building with a name that has the word “bay” in it.  “Bay” something.  “Bay Terrace” maybe.

I know this entrance, but I cannot find it.

I ask a guy for directions.  Then another guy.  They tell me.

I am wearing a sleeveless white jumpsuit.  Belted.

You can see my underwear through it. 

I approach the stairway – to the monorail.

I wake up.

I have no idea what this means.  Could be ominous.  Could be I really want a white jumpsuit.


6 responses to “White jumpsuit dream

  1. This dream clearly means you want to go shoe shopping.

  2. Shit I must have gotten it all wrong – I bought new underwear yesterday.

  3. That will look good with the shoes.

  4. You are clearly dreaming of your displeasure with the results of the Project Runway finale.

    I won’t spoil it for people who haven’t seen it yet.

    There will be no blood spilled over this upset as you clearly are not wearing an orange jumpsuit

  5. Lol. I liked the finale results.

    I think.

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