feh-girl.jpgI am in a holding pattern of day-to-day repetition – wake, call parents to see if they are alive, shower, dress, [sometimes fit some writing in], drive to work, spend the day [often bored] in front of a pc, eat salad, smoke a couple times after hiking 10 minutes to get to the smoking area, drive home, cook dinner, eat dinner, vege in front of tv.  Repeat. 

No big trips to look forward to [a quickie overnight-er to dc next week fails to excite me – yet].  And an unsettling trip to get my father settled back home after rehab is coming up in the next few weeks – with the uncertainty in dates impacting making plans to do anything else. 

So I am [probably unhealthily] immersed in the democratic primary [go Hillary!], Project Runway [go Christian!], and American Idol [go Clay! – oh – I forgot – there is no Clay this season – nobody good – even AI disappoints.]  

I need to shake things up here soon.

image by Jen Chan


11 responses to “Feh

  1. It is time for a pedicure and new shoes.

  2. I think we’re psychic sisters. I woke up today feeling the same way.

    I’m going paint my nails.

  3. That is funny I did my nails today.

  4. New shoes sounds good.

  5. add a sick toddler, subtract any notion of sleeping and I’m with ya’ sista’. I’ve scheduled my first ever manicure (a b-day gift) for this Friday dammit!

    Hope you are feeling somewhat better today mizz michele.

  6. Thanks Sulya. I thought scheduling a haircut would help, then came to find out my hairdresser up and left town. Sigh. Will try a new one Saturday – I guess we can call that a “shake-up.”

    Oo, have a great manicure, -any color in mind? Happy b-day, too!

  7. What? The new hairdresser? The one that cuts your hair just right and there was drama because you liked her better than the old hairdresser? That hairdresser left town?

    That is so wrong.

  8. Yes the new good hairdresser! I kinda screeched “what?!” when the receptionist sprang the news. So Saturday I try the new chick – the new preggo chick.

    Sigh & shudder.

  9. Oh no. Your hair was perfect.

    Wait, have you tried a few other salons, just calling around and seeing if she is working there? The old salon may just not want to lose business following her and be saying she left town she may have gone to work somewhere else local. It is worth a few calls to check.

  10. I do not know her last name and her first name is common. The receptionist had this whole story – her husband lost his job, they moved in with her parents in Asheville NC… she has mentioned Asheville before so I kinda believed the story.

    I am hoping the new girl can follow the cut I have. Her chair is next to my hairdresser’s so she has seen the end-result often.

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