Saturday Night Live was priceless last night.  Firstly, for it’s opening skits and weekend update, which finally said what I have been feeling all along about the mainstream media’s democratic primary coverage.  

 As Kitty beat me to blogging about that, I jump to another hilarious – [huh – I just caught that that word has “hillary” in there too] skit that had me ROTFL –

 Okay, I can not help myself, I found the SNL democratic debate sketch on youtube.  Catch the orgas.. um – at the end. [If that youtube is down, go watch at Kitty’s place.]


6 responses to ““Annuale”

  1. The YouTube is down.

    I’ve got it on my site.

  2. It’s back up, but you may want to steal my links to the video on NBC’s site just in case they remove the videos from YouTube, your readers will have something to watch.

  3. I linked to you 😉

  4. Notice YouTube has taken the “Bitch is the New Black” and the debate spoof off of YouTube for copyright violation.
    What is odd is the Huckabee segment from that same show is still up on YouTube.

    That’s just wrong.

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