Taking to bed


 Some days I just feel like taking to the bed.  Just feel – ugh.
I did this last Monday, spent the whole day in bed watching Project Runway – I think I saw 8 episodes that day.
It feels like tomorrow will be another bed day.   

8 responses to “Taking to bed

  1. I would say may I join you except that might sound really wrong.

  2. Wait, there is something wrong with watching 8 episodes of Project Runway back to back in bed?

    Over the holidays the girls and I watched like, all the Hero episodes, two seasons. We stayed up all night once like cats on the sofa, “One more? It’s four in the morning.”
    “Sure. we’ll stay up three days straight until we find out if the cheerleader saves the world.”

  3. Lol Max – you may join me in spirit.

    The bad thing is, Kitty, that I had seen all of those episodes already and still watched them all in a trance-like state all day.

  4. How are you liking the new season?

    Do you ever read the blog Project RunGay?

    It is a must read if you are a fan of Project Runway.

  5. I like this season – Christian is funny as hell.

    I’ll check that out..

  6. I love that guy. He’s so talented and he gets his work done so quickly.
    He’ll probably win.

  7. I watched the entire Sex and The City Season 1 in bed one day because quite frankly it was easier than getting out of bed, going to work and mingling with assholes.

  8. I think he’ll win too, Kitty. Though I also like Jillian’s stuff.

    aj, Sex and The City is worth staying in bed for. I’m waiting for the movie.

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