News from the voting front

voting1.jpgToday, I voted.

The line was the longest I’ve ever seen.  We waited 45 minutes.

When you get to the table, they ask if you want to vote in the democratic or republican primary. 

They did not ask me, the woman looked at me and said “democrat?”

Ours was a paper ballot, with the little circle next to the names, that you color in with a pen. [I noticed that the names listed – which still included the names of candidates that had bowed out- were not in alphabetical order, or in any order that makes any kind of sense.  To me. 

Then you walk to a machine and feed the paper in, and wait for the little counter to go up to ensure it takes.

I had to feed mine through twice before that little counter went up.

I was the 300th person to vote in my precinct.  At roughly 10 am.

Of the 300 votes, 195 were for the democratic primary. 

There was nobody from CNN taking exit polls. 

Photograph from the TTPI archives


4 responses to “News from the voting front

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  2. I wish we had a paper ballot here. We have the electronic voting machines.

    Yay for voting.

  3. Yay is right – I feel good.

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