I have been tagged by Max.    

She says – “How this works:”

1. “Curse the person who tagged you.”

    Okay.  Damn it Max.

2. “Grab the nearest book.”

london-print-c10142032.jpegThat is “Access London” – I am surrounded by London guidebooks not because I am traveling there anytime soon but because my screenplay protag just landed here – her life is much more interesting than mine at the moment.

3. “Open it to page 123.”

      Okay we are in the section about the Victoria and Albert Museum. 

4. “Find the fifth sentence.”

      We are still in the section about the Victoria and Albert Museum apparently there is much to see here.

5. “Post the next three sentences.”

      “It is pleasant to visit on Wednesday evenings 6:30-9:30.

        Selected galleries are open; there are gallery talks and live music; plus a special menu in the restaurant.

       [Intermediate heading: “Great Bed of Ware”] 

 This huge Elizabethan bed, circa 1590, was said to have been occupied by 26 butchers and their wives on 13 February 1689.”

[now that is interesting – must have been an exciting Valentines day …]

6. “Tag five people.”

Hey AJ, Kitty, Nancy, Chris, and Drew?


2 responses to “Tagged

  1. That is an exquisite graphic.

    I’d buy a poster of that. Love it love it love it.

  2. I think it is a poster actually. I’ll look for it and send you a link.

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