woods.jpg Every morning, real early, I go out to the screen porch.  Coffee and a cig.

Most times it is at dawn, and I am alone looking out into the woods.

But – I am never really alone.

Sometimes I see the woman – a stranger – through the woods, about 500 feet away, standing at the back of her house.  I do not know her, but she is my smoking buddy.

Sometimes, like yesterday, I see an American Bald Eagle soar high through the trees.

Sometimes I see a family of deer.  Yesterday I counted 14 of them.

Sometimes I hear the cows moo.  I do not see the cows, but I hear that moo.  This morning.  

It is a nice way to start the day.


6 responses to “Morning


    Aaaahh, I can feel the tranquility just through your words. With the slight rustle of dew ladden leaves in the morning breeze. Thoughts drifting through your mind but none really sticking. A sense of utter peace as you blow out the smoke, increased heart beat as the cig nears its end and you can feel the gentle heat on your finger…

  2. Wow, that is beautiful – makes me want to go back out there…

  3. That is wonderfully evocative. I love the stranger, separated but familiar, on the next porch sharing morning stillness and a cig.

  4. Thanks Max.

    I have thought about waving to her, but never have.

  5. I love this post, Michele.

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