This woman thing


I am disturbed.

I am disturbed by the conversations taking place in the media and blogs about a woman running for president – questions like “Should a woman vote for a woman because she is a woman?” – on CNN.

I am disturbed by what I see as media-bias in the coverage of this election – bias for the male candidate, because he is the story, the underdog, because he is a male, and the media is run by mostly men [who may not be ready to have a woman president] – and women that do not want to appear that – they will vote for a woman because she is a woman.   Dan Abrams on MSNBC last night noted that the positive media coverage of the male candidate was 87%, the female candidate – 47%.  Hmm.  And he pointed out that, if she wins today, by a small margin, the media will spin it as “Look how far he came, look at his momentum.”  And thus continue to influence this election.  And I think he is right.

I am disturbed that this country has not gotten further than it has on this woman thing.


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