A little annoyed


There is a site, TMZ, ever hear of it?

The site felt the need to use the excuse of Clay Aiken’s Spamalot opening night to trash him [again], and his fans [again].

Something of this all-too-familiar ilk – that the audience was filled with 40-year-old housewives – his fans. Ignoring the fact that this is reportedly incorrect, what gets me is –

Are all 40 year-old women housewives?   Are all 40-year-old women worthless and deserving of derision? 40-year-old men do not get this derision, do they?

Do the “writers” at TMZ realize that our next president may be a woman over 40

Do these “writers” have mothers? Will these writers be 40 one day? Oh, yeah, I forgot, they are [likely] men. Or so they think.

Okay, I’m done.


12 responses to “A little annoyed

  1. I was at the saturday night performance of Spamalot and not only was it incredibly good, so was Clay. You would never know the man didn’t have experience performing in the Broadway stage, he was that good. And no, the audience was not comprised mainly of 40 year old women. It was peopled by every age and both genders. I would highly recommend going to see it if you happened to be in New York, espescially while Clay is in it.

  2. I plan to see it, believe me.

  3. I often see concert reviews and doubt the reviewer was even there.

  4. I bet the Spamalot reviewer had finished the review weeks ago. But I’m not going to bother to read it. It seems only fair somehow.

  5. Honestly, it wasn’t even a review – it was a couple of sentences about the audience and a pinch of Clay bashing. What is the point of that? Could have been written without even attending the show, it probably was.

  6. He probably saw Clay on The View and made his assumptions.
    What an arse.

  7. Bet you anything, Michele, that this alleged review was written by a man in his mid 50’s who got dumbed by his wife for a younger man and his girlfriend ditched him because he sucks.

  8. Damn, I mised Clay on The View?

    Yeah, Soph, he is probably a numbnuts.

  9. You didn’t see Clay bring the girls to their knees?
    I don’t remember how I ended up there, but I saw a link somewhere about how he brought The View to their knees. I had to click on it. LOL. If I find it again I’ll send you the link.

  10. Oh my! Please do!

    [I have been so out of it down here]

  11. Sure thing, darlin’. Here is the link. I found it on The huffington Post.

  12. Thanks! [I need to wait to watch it – dial-up, sigh]

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