Chocolate exotica

There is a new chocolate bar by Vosges that is getting a lot of press – and I am a sucker for stuff that gets a lot of press.  So when we walked by the Vosges shop on 83rd & Madison in NYC [there is one in Soho as well,] I just had to go in and get the —

Mo’s Bacon Bar.  Yes, bacon in chocolate – applewood smoked bacon to be exact.


I took a bite – there was something crunchy yet unidentifiable. Eh.

I read the package, which directed me to sniff it. Warm it in my hands. Put it in my mouth and let it melt. The chocolate melted, leaving – well, bacon bits which I had to chew.

I am so not sure about this bacon in chocolate thing. But, there is half a bar left, so I may come to terms with it yet.


3 responses to “Chocolate exotica

  1. Bacon in chocolate is wrong.

  2. I can’t believe you tried that. This goes in the same category as chocolate covered ants.

  3. It may have well have been ants – honestly, I could not taste the bacon – and I tried, but all I got was some crunchy/chewy textured bits of ?

    I think, like Max says, it was a misconceived idea.

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