We did the gallery thing in Chelsea the other day.  [This after fortifying ourselves with lunch at “Rub,” a barbeque place that advertises “the best butt in town.”  Their thing is “burnt tips” – barbequed brisket ends – they were heaven.]

So we end the afternoon at an exhibit called “Masks.”  

ny4.jpg This caught my eye.

Hair of fake cranberries.

Mouth of plastic chattering teeth.  Fluttering open & closed.

The next piece looks like my shoe closet.



Oh, we bought something that day at a design gallery – these placemats.   



4 responses to “Gallerying

  1. I am pretty sure you are the most cultured person I know. I do not know anyone who spends more time in galleries and seeing art exhibits than you. [Discounting Clay, that is not exactly high art I think but you might disagree — wink.]

  2. Oh I just like looking at pretty things – Clay included.

  3. I love the shoe sculpture. At first I thought it was made of metal.

  4. Those are real shoes – scuffed and everything.

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