Words of life


I was in NYC this past week.

Here are some sounds:

At the Metropolitan Opera House terrace, during intermission:

A lady, rummages through her pocketbook, grabs a tube of gel-like soap, squeezes a blob on to her hands, wrings them, catches me watching her, smiles:

“I’m not Lady Macbeth. I touched one of those trees, and someone had…. well, it was gross.”


In line at the new Second Avenue Deli [which is no longer on Second Avenue] waiting for a table :

With no tables for 2 available, the hostess asks who wants to sit at the counter.  A couple of slightly chubby middle-aged sisters go off to the counter, come back out way too fast to have eaten anything.

Middle-aged woman, to the waiting line: “We didn’t fit.”  Shrug.


In the waiting room of the doctor’s office at Memorial Sloan Kettering:  

A man on his cell phone: “They’re gonna do a partial nephrectomy on January 28.”

Man on cell phone again, minutes later, obviously with his office: “I can’t do January 28th, I’m busy that day.”


In the doctor’s office, Memorial Sloan Kettering:

The doctor: “Your CAT scan looks great!  See ya in a year.”


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