Not sitting on the porch


The thing about blogging is – when there is much to blog about, there is no time to blog. The past few weeks have been rather hectic. So this is catch-up.

– We hosted a party Dec. 11 – work folks. 15 people. Prep included cleaning the house, I mean, a real, bend down and mop the floors, scrub 5 toilets, dust the woodwork cleaning. In the process, I did something to my back and the next day –

– Drove to New Jersey to the Clay Aiken concert, which did not help the back any. Met friends for dinner at The Quiet Man, met the Christmas Tree at Rock Center, met Nancy, workshop friend at the wine bar, walked into the men’s room, drove back home in time for –

– Friends’ arrival for a visit the weekend of Dec 21. Old friends, 30 year old friends, with their 2 teenage kids. They arrived at 2 am. Dinner Saturday night was interupted by a call from the ex boyfriend to one of said friends, he was on the road to North Carolina with wife, 3 kids and dog, and the car broke down – near my house. They are stuck 15 miles from my house with a broken down car til Monday so we met for lunch at a Mexican place (11 of us now), toasted each other with margaritas, and had them over the house. A sight to see – the husband and ex watching the football game together in the upstairs bedroom. What a way to test a marriage.

– Had mom over for Christmas dinner.

– Sister arrives from NY the next day. We all drive down to Florida to visit my father for new years. There are stress-inducing health issues there. The good news – my back appears to be better.

– Home for 2 days, then off to drive to NYC for annual medical tests. Will meet friends for dinner, go to a 5 hour opera (Die Valkure) at the Met, check out the “new” Second Avenue Deli, come home.

We have not been alone since December 21st. We have been living out of a suitcase since Dec 27 (with a 2 day reprive to do laundry.)

I so want to chill on the porch.


8 responses to “Not sitting on the porch

  1. I am feeling horror just reading all this.

  2. It has been somewhat – taxing.

  3. Max, is your horror limited to going to the 5 hour opera or is it the whole thing?

  4. It began with scrubbing five toilets and mounted drastically with the addition of two teenagers and three children, after that I was hyperventilating and it all became sort of a blur.

  5. LOL, Max! I see that this year’s holidays was a very busy time for everyone. Nice!

    How’s your back doing, Michele?

  6. Yeah Michele, how is your back.

    A good sit on the porch. Sounds so relaxing. Healing.

    Hope you have a better month.

  7. I am thinking convert two of those bathrooms into darkrooms. That would so cut back on toilet scrubbing. And everyone knows toilet scrubbing is hell on the back. It is a health necessity.

  8. Lol.

    My back feels better, thanks.

    Max – yes, the 2 teenagers and 3 kids had me in a state.

    I do not always clean [or use] 3 of those bathrooms – a darkroom is a great idea – especially for the one in the basement.

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