Bah funk-dom

I am in a Christmas funk. As in – can’t get excited about it, phoning it in – funk.

Perhaps because in my neighborhood this year, the decorations went up the day after halloween. The 24/7 Christmas music started the day after Thanksgiving on 2 of my usual driving radio stations.  Isn’t this way too early – this forced march to Christmas?

Perhaps also because my best friend’s and my ex-boyfriend’s mothers passed away recently; 2 other friends are facing the possibly terminal illnesses of their fathers; my father’s health is failing; I am suffering back pain the likes of I have never had before. There is this general sense of – unease, mortality, the fragility of life…

And I hate it.

We finally put up a solitary decoration in our house this week. A red poinsettia plant, sitting in the corner of the kitchen – the family section of my house, according to feng-shui. For growth. For – life.



13 responses to “Bah funk-dom

  1. Man, you too?
    I wrote a post yesterday “Forever Ever Funk” but decided not to post it.
    Another day. Maybe.

  2. The answer to your back pain is crunches.

    Crunches are very feng shui.

  3. The answer to your back pain is crunches.

    Crunches are very feng shui.

  4. Um, I did not post that twice, not sure what happened there.

  5. I feel ya’ sista'(s – including kitty). Bit’o’the’blahs myself. Your poinsettia is lovely, though and a gal has to start somewhere!

  6. I’ve been doing some stretches for the back – seems to hurt only when sitting, I think it is a nerve thing. Dr. said it is the sacral iliac joint, gave me heavy meds. Me, my mind goes to where it should not go.

    Hey, let’s say, screw the funks, sistas! Thanks on the poinsettia, Sulya.

  7. Yes, to hell with the funks!

  8. The back is supported by stomach muscles. Basically everything is supported by stomach muscles. It is sort of like those little toys you see sometimes, all plastic limbs standing up on a little plastic pedestal, and then you push the thing in the bottom and the elestic gives and they collapse funny ways?

    That button you pushed is your stomach. It holds the whole body together. If it is tought, the whole body stands up. If it is weak? You are that little bodkin on the podium collapsing when you push that button.

  9. I know that little toy you’re talking about.
    Great analogy.

    Hey, Michele, you should get one of those exercise balls. It saves Blane from much suffering with his back.

  10. My stomach can certainly be a bit taughter.

    Kitty, I have seen those but not sure what to do with them.

    It sure as hell sucks having back pain.

  11. Merry merry, Michele.

  12. Merry Christmas to you Kitty – hugs & kisses.

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