I am saddened by the death of Dan Fogelberg.  His music moved me at the pinnacle of my youth.

As I have been thinking of what song to post here in memoriam, I listened to them all again, and – I was moved, again.  And I cannot chose.  I loved each of these for different reasons. There are others too, but these – these were personal.

“Longer” was the soundtrack of my college and going into 7 year relationship.  I even wrote the words out on a homemade love-card.

“Same Auld Lang Syne” was the soundtrack of our breakup.

So was “Run for the Roses.”

And, “Leader of the Band” – well, my girlfriends and I used to love to sing “his blood runs through his instrument..” I did love that song too.

Rest in peace Dan, and a big thank you for your music. And the feelings.


2 responses to “Dan

  1. I love his music, Michele. Great selection here.

  2. Me too, Kitty. I had forgotten how much – I hadn’t listened to it in years until yesterday.

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