4 days


The ride up to New Jersey Wednesday was fairly uneventful, except that we did not leave until 1:23 pm due to un-preparedness. I needed to cancel hotel reservations in Denville, make new hotel reservations in Morristown, all because of impending snow doom that could not, COULD NOT, be the cause of missing the Clay concert Thursday night, and then mapquest everything – jeez, this all took time – so hence the late start.

We met Bob & Glow that night for dinner at “The Quiet Man” – yes, that is the name of this Irish pub in Dover and they are damn proud of it. The food was decent, the company fun as usual, the Irish coffees – okay.

We moved to the Hyatt in Morristown the next morning [um, more like noon-ish]  – had to drive in the snow and ice storm – and walked around the town.  It is a nice old town with a green, and a Century 21 – yay! – so I had to buy some snow boots and do some xmas shopping. This hotel put us in walking distance of the Community Theater where Clay’s Christmas concert was to be.

I wonder if that man realizes how much his fans [and their husbands/boyfriends] do to hear him sing?

Damn, it was well worth it. Just to put that unabashed smile on my face when that voice fills the theater. Our seats were right in front of the sound mix area, and the acoustics were wonderful. The best he’s sounded in a long time.

Here’s a clip:

Alas there was no bus line, so we walked across the snow-covered green in Morristown on the way back to the hotel.

Friday we ate all over New York City [Momifuko’s for ramen, De Roberti’s for cappucino and italian pastries] then hit Rockefeller Center to see the tree which is different this year – it is only red and green and blue lights – and then to Morrell’s Wine Bar, where I met Nancy, a fellow workshopper and friend, in person for the first time and we drank enough [four glasses of wine in 2 hours for me and I sure as hell suffered later] to venture into the mens room.

Well then there was more eating – we met my sister for dinner at Xavier’s of Piermont – in Piermont NY – a little north of the city. Um, sister booked this and it was a 4 course dinner – with a flight of wine – one glass per course – which I smartly refused. The food was great but I had to hobble out of there.

On the ride home yesterday, we barely missed getting involved in a serious accident when a car crossed 4 lanes of the parkway and hit the divider at 90 degrees 2 cars ahead of us – we swerved to avoid it and luckily there was noone in the right lanes. The cars ahead of us were not that lucky. The impact was great enough that debris hit our car.  Scary as hell.  What one moment can do.

Go ahead, hit that Clay thing.


8 responses to “4 days

  1. Wait. Back up. What was that men’s room part again?

  2. Yeah, rewind to that men’s room part, Michele.

  3. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

    Alas, there are no pictures.

  4. Well…afterward, I ended up at the DVD section of Barnes & Noble and drunkenly purchased $220 worth of movies, Christmas presents and otherwise. Yes, there was impairment!


  5. LOL – good for you.

    Sounds better than our story – we had walked nearly to the garage on the East Side when husband realized he left his credit card at the wine bar and we had to walk back in a frenzy.

  6. That was some night – for sure! I’m glad to hear that the credit card was restored and that you and your man and your car were all okay.

    I’m throwin’ myself in with the others and wishing those bathroom walls could talk….

  7. Michele, If you have $220 of movies from B&N on your card, you know who did it, right?

  8. Thanks, Sulya.

    Kitty – LOL.

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