Look inside


A film adaptation of one of my favorite books, “Atonement,” is opening this week. This book – I read in one day, in one sitting, because I could not put this down. That very rarely happens to me, but this grabbed me from page one and pulled me into an emotional journey that ended with a huge cry. And – in case you don’t know me well – I am so not a crier.

I read that the original adaptation of the book into a screenplay departed from the book in a huge way, in order to get to the screenplay structure. And then, it was rewritten to be more in line with the original book.

All I can say is – read this book. Before you go to the film.

I plan to see the film too.

That pic is from Amazon.com


2 responses to “Look inside

  1. They were talking about that movie on every tv station while I was in England last August.
    They all seem to think what’s-her-name will get an Oscar nod.

  2. Keira Knightly? She may. I’m gonna try and see it.

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