john-lennon.jpg 27 years ago today we lost this man.

I remember standing with hundreds of fans outside the Dakota that night, just there to be with fellow fans in our time of sorrow.

The sounds of this song echoing through night:


6 responses to “Imagine

  1. I dreamed of being there. It was such a tremendous loss for the world. We must not ever forget the lessons he gave us with song lyrics, and actions for PEACE and love Who else would do a bed in for peace, but his wife. He was a great teacher for us all.

  2. He still is – his music is timeless.

    It was a very moving moment, being there that night. I will never forget it.

  3. he is really a magic ….cool , heis really rocking !

  4. I was watching Let It Be yesterday, the movie of their last studio sessions and was touched again by the loss ofJohn Lennon. So strange to see him there smiling, sharing a joke with Paul.

  5. I probably saw you on tv, then Michele.

  6. That’s a great film, Oscarandre.

    Kitty – I was the one with the purple hair.

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