Looks like 0 for 2

The annual road trip for the Clay Christmas concert is next week. The concert is on the 13th. Yay!

So each year he changes it up a bit, and this year, aside from the Meet & Greet contest, there is another contest: write up your best Christmas memory, send it in, and 4  lucky fans per show will be chosen to read their stories on stage, as part of the concert. Which means, dress rehearsal as well – ack. I’m thinking – quality Clay time.

I did not win the meet & greet.

I am checking email every day to see if my story [yes, I could not resist entering] is selected. Nothing. I am even checking the spam folder, which I never ever do. I have heard stories where people have been notified within 24 hours of the concert, so there is a sliver of hope, but it is fading, I tell you.

How could he not want a heartfelt story written by moi, written in screenplay format, by the way, well almost screenplay format, about the Christmas day that I was presented with a ring and “the question?” Clay?


3 responses to “Looks like 0 for 2

  1. i hope you win Michele. Then I hope you post your story here.

  2. It’s lookin shaky.

    I think I am not allowed to share it if I win and read it in the show – it becomes their property.

  3. Well then you’ll just have to share a different version of it.

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