Dusting bunny


There is this looming house-cleaning job. Step one of which is – attack the clutter.  Feng-shui the house, if you know what I mean.

This is no normal month. And no normal house clean.

One party, 15+ people – next week.

Two sets of guests sleeping over around the holidays, within 2 days of each other. Okay, one is my sister, she of the white-glove, “you forgot to clean the inside of the kitchen sink drain” ilk. The other are college friends with 2 teenagers who really do not care if the house is clean anyway.

I was supposed to start this effort last weekend. Key words – “supposed to.” So now, the frenzy begins.


But I so love when the house is in holiday-company shape, at least for a couple of weeks.


11 responses to “Dusting bunny

  1. White glove sister? The horror. I have a father-in-law like that.

  2. Oh yeah. She once told my stepmother that she had neglected to dust the top of the ceiling fan blades.

    When she says stuff like that to me, I say, “Here – you do it.”

  3. Clearly this sister was not beaten enough as a child.

  4. Well clearly you need to make up for lost time. Next time she has the audacity to say something rude and cutting about the condition of her hostess’s residence, sock her right in the eye. She might learn manners real fast that way.

  5. LOL. You two crack me up.

  6. It is especially annoying when I have busted my ass cleaning – like, why the hell did I even try? Sisters…

  7. Fortunately my mother likes to draw pictures in dust. Clutter bugs her and me too but dust is just another canvas.

    So, maybe if she breaks out those white gloves tell her to sign her name and walk away…

    (Either that or mention that there are probably some truly elegant drugs for OCD these days and would she like several shots of booze until she can get a prescription…)

    That said, telling her to do it herself is pretty rockin’ as far as I’m concerned!

  8. Booze – that’ll work too.

  9. Just send them to a hotel :()

  10. Oh we are a fine hotel.

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