The mug quest

starbucks-mugs.jpgLast night in chat Aj was lamenting [again] about the broken Starbucks mug incident and the need for its replacement with the aid of Max travelling to Seattle and shipping it to Aj in Australia.

At which point, I was like, “look online.”

I looked online – and found a whole Starbucks mug collecting world out there.  City mugs are the hot item, as well as the original Pike Place mugs.  Some sell for a $1000!  I go to the Starbucks site to look for mugs, and they only ship to US and its territories.  So online?  Um.  Ebay maybe.  Saw some on Craig’s list.  And, this guy.  And, well, there is still Max.


10 responses to “The mug quest

  1. I still do not know exactly how I became responsible for this mug.

  2. Me neither – lol.

  3. I had no idea there were so many different city mugs. I thought maybe seven, but wow.

  4. Not just different cities. Different mugs for each city. And apparently it has to be the right Seattle mug and there are like freaking sixty Seattle mugs to sort through just to find it.

    Can you spell anxiety attack?

  5. Michele, thank you for your research into my mug dilemma.

    Max, you are very much responsible for the replacement of this mug.

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  7. Isn’t the internet a great thing? I’ve linked to lots of info about the history of Starbucks mugs on my Collecting Starbucks Coffee Mugs site, come and check it out if you’re curious..

  8. Thanks hotbrain, I’ll check it out.

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