There’s our girl

The Smithsonian American Art Musuem has an exhibit – “Over the Top – American Posters from World War I.” 45 posters were on display.

We went to this exhibit because we were in the neighborhood, and because we collect vintage posters, mainly of the 1930’s art deco ilk. But, we have one hanging in the library that I picked up in Boston that is a 1918 poster by Harrison Fisher of a Red Cross nurse asking “Have you answered the Red Cross Christmas Roll Call?” The funny thing about that poster is that it was printed for Christmas 1918, and the war ended in November 1918.

So, we are at this exhibit, and I look down the hall.

And  –  there’s our girl.



15 responses to “There’s our girl

  1. Beautiful poster, Michele.

  2. Thanks. I like it too. In person her eyes really speak to you – that is hard to capture in this pic.

  3. I like it. Her face looks real. And her extended hand is more like giving rather than asking. Beautiful, Michele.

  4. Thanks Soph. It is a really nice poster.

  5. Sophia, just admit it, the poster rocks because she, like us, is a nurse.
    Go nurses!

  6. I thought of that when I posted this, about you guys being nurses.

  7. Yeah, that is it. LOL! Don’t know about you, Kit, but I had always been grateful that I never had to wear a thing like that on my head. But she is so cute. Just like us 😉

  8. Sophia, I did have to wear that hat for the entire time I did my clinicals. None of the nurses wore them anymore, just the students.

    Once, when we had just graduated and were waiting to take our boards, a bunch of us who had gotten jobs at the same hospital decided to wear our hats to work. It freaked everyone out, even the patients, but we kept those hats on the entire night.

  9. I so want a pic of you in that hat.

  10. Okay, I have one. It’s Blane’s fav pic of me, he still carries it in his wallet.

  11. So where is it girl?

  12. I tried to scan it and the scanner isn’t working with my MacBook. Maybe it has something to do with the new OS I put on it.
    I’ll have to try and take a pic of the photo, then.

  13. I love it! Beautiful!

  14. It must be a little funny for you to see me dressed like that?

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