The thunder

The concert started an hour late, and I was getting a little cranky about that. 

Soon, all that was forgotten.

If you have ever been to a Bruce Springsteen concert, you have probably seen this phenomenon – the thunder of 20,000 fans singing along in unison, all lights in the stadium on.  It is stunning.

The other night, all he had to do is play the first few chords of “Thunder Road”, and the audience sang the entire first verse while he stood there and smiled.

This video below was taken from St. Paul [No I did not travel to St. Paul it is the only decent video I can find of Thunder Road from this tour.]

nils-lofgren.jpgAfter the concert, we happened to pass by Nils Lofgren, the guitarist, outside by his limo, signing autographs and taking pictures with people. They were all yelling “Neils” to get his attention. I grabbed a pic. [It is dark but the best I can do with a cell phone at night.]


8 responses to “The thunder

  1. I love Bruce. The man can make jean and a sweaty black T-Shirt seem sexy.

  2. I love Bruce. The man can make jeans and a sweaty black T-Shirt seem sexy.

  3. Wow, I added the “s” to jeans before the post sent and it posted it twice. This will give me global recognition of typo correction.

  4. You are a typo correction ninja.

    Bruce is hot.

  5. I love it when you have audience participation like this.

  6. Me too.

    It must be cool for Bruce too.

  7. The Nov. 1st Rolling Stone mag has a pretty good interview with Bruce in there.
    How do you like his “new” stuff?

  8. You know, I should have gotten the CD before I went to the concert – but didn’t. So I only heard it once, he played a lot of it at the concert, and it was okay but needs to grow on me some. It is similar to his old stuff, but not as much punch, I think.

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