Search Strings #1

It is interesting to me to see how people find here.  

I sometimes read the searches.  Alone, some of them are curious indeed.

For kicks [and because I am bored at the moment], I strung some of these together.


 popcorn hull stuck in gum 

come to the dark side we have cookies 

red velvet cake trenchdoc.  


is king tut really a girl? 

princess diana alive.



love poems that will get you with a girl 

alone in movie theater 

sexy cartoon pics (with clothes on).  


feet sex 

my home at night.   


clay aiken in Spanish 

damn hot. 

The above is “Collage of Brands” from Devil’s Rope Museum.


3 responses to “Search Strings #1

  1. That is practically a poem.

  2. It was kind of fun to pull these disjointed phrases together. Doesn’t take much to amuse me, I guess.

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