Why I miss NYC


I read that writers should listen to peoples’ conversations – see how people really talk. I used to do this all the time when I lived in NYC. On the subway, in restaurants, on the street. Here – well, there is just so much one can hear while sitting alone in the car.  So, I was happy to come upon this blog the other day – “Overheard in New York.”

Here are some gems from there:

Girl #1: So, did I tell you that he called me his girlfriend?
Girl #2: Oh my god.
Girl #1: Yeah, it was like this Freudian slip thing, I’m pretty sure.

Hipster, looking at menu: Chicken fingers?
Corporate fashionista: Great! Even though I’m a vegetarian.
Hipster: Then why did you say ‘great’?
Corporate fashionista: I’ll eat some.
Hipster: … Then how are you a vegetarian?
Corporate fashionista: I just try not to eat anything with a face.

Hispanic guy: Can you believe they shut down the train station ’cause one guy got sick.
Old black guy: Fuckin’ selfish-ass people, man. Selfish.
Young woman: He was having a seizure.
Old black guy: Well, I would’ve dragged him out or something.
White guy: I can’t believe this is happening to me on my first day out of jail.

40-something tourist to her daughter: All the homeless may be Democrats, but not all Democrats are homeless.

Preggers: I’ve had the worst shooting pain in my stomach since last week.
Husband: Maybe we should go to the ER right now.
Preggers: No way. I’ll go after the movie.


4 responses to “Why I miss NYC

  1. Spanky is addicted to that website.

  2. That girl knows about everything.

  3. Thank you for curing my boredom, that was a great find!

  4. You’re welcome!

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