Hey, Red


Ever think of going red?  Sometimes I do.

“You Should be an Auburn Redhead – sophisticated and intense, this hue would really accent your face.”

What kind of redhead should you be?


7 responses to “Hey, Red

  1. I’ve gone red, loved it, but it is a difficult color to keep. It washes out too easily.
    Once you do go red and change back, people tend to keep seeing you as a redhead. I’ve been back to my natural color (dirty blonde) with highlights for a few years now but my daughters insist my hair is still red.

  2. “You should be a cinnamon redhead: Unique and confident – you would look radiant in this strong hue.”

    I have been a redhead plenty. It was fun. It is hard to keep though and does fade fast so takes a lot of upkeep. It also does not entirely bleach out, you can only grow red out, so, won’t stay vibrant, won’t bleach out. Kind of a problematic hair color but very fun.

  3. I bet you guys looked good with red. I’ve thought about it lots but have always been chicken to do it. I sometimes get red highlights, but never taken the plunge.

    “Won’t stay vibrant, won’t bleach out” – eeek. I would freak.

  4. It did make my eyes look brighter, sort of blue greenish. It made me look older, too. Which was just great because at the time I was in my early thirties and looked too much like a kid.

  5. You are the only person I know who wants (needs) to look older, girl, lol.

  6. i had this incident with some booze, heartbreak a good friend and a hair bleach bottle that then needed to be fixed by a professional and i was a redhead for a while after that. first and last time i’ve ever dyed my hair actually… wasn’t really the right shade for me i don’t think- too light… perhaps the “aubern” which i got in this quiz would have worked better…

  7. “i had this incident with some booze, heartbreak a good friend and a hair bleach bottle” – I love your way with words, lol.

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