The last time I dressed up for halloween, I went to a party at Bob and Glow’s house in Park Slope.

Glow had been appalled when she had visited me last and had seen “the bridesmaid gown” – in all of it’s putrid pinkness – lying in a wrinkled heep on my closet floor.  [You know, the one from her wedding.] 

I wore that dress to the party.  Said I was dressed as a bridesmaid.

Said “I told you I would wear this again some day.”

Bob opened the door in his pajamas.

What are you, I ask?

“My father.”

Have a happy one.


2 responses to “Boo

  1. Happy (belated?) Halloween, Michele.

    You know, I never particularly enjoyed Halloween. As a matter of fact, I dread this time of the year. People hiding their faces behind masks is particularly annoying and scary to me; it frightens and bothers me to not be able to see someone’s face.

    Bridesmaid sounds cool. AND you got to wear that dress again. But “My Father”? LOL! That Bob guy must be a genius.

  2. Thanks Soph. You should have been with me at the dentist yesterday – he was wearing a mask.

    Bob is a funny guy.

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