The voice

Last night, a tribute concert took place at Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center in NYC to honor Neil Sedaka, prolific songwriter and singer, for “50 years of hits,” with proceeds going to the Elton John AIDS foundation.

Many singers who made recordings of his songs performed.  Including…
Clay Aiken, who remade “Solitaire” – in a big way.  Huge sales.

From the looks of it, Clay sang the heck out of this song last night.  I hear he got a standing O. Way to go, Clay.

Update:  The video was removed from YouTube.

So instead of a bad link, here is one of my favorite versions.  August, 2005.  Wolftrap.  I was there.  Check out what happens at -1:30.


12 responses to “The voice

  1. A standing O?

    Michele, you can’t mean…?

  2. So Michele, when are you going to see Spamalot tickets, with Clay as brave Sir Robin?

  3. Oh we are so there. Wanna come with? I will go after first row, though.

  4. LOL, Kitty. My thoughts exactly. Somehow “O” seems to be Michele’s personal vowel.

  5. Sophia, we know what that means when Michele says it.

  6. Hey, this is a “family” site.

  7. [I came close though]

  8. Yeah you had a standing O.


  9. Hey, we’re not doing anything wrong. “O” is just another vowel, like “A” or “E” or “U”. I don’t know if all vowels are standing, though.

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