A busy week

So we met some friends in D.C. midweek for a couple of days. 

First, Peking Duck for lunch at Peking Gourmet Inn, in Falls Church.  The best Peking Duck I’ve ever had [except in the cavernous Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant in Beijing, but that was 10 [15?] years ago and on the other side of the world.]   

Then to the Edward Hopper exhibit at the National Gallery.  I love his paintings, so this exhibit was a great thing to me.  There were the “famous” paintings, and ones I have never seen.  Two of my favorites are “Automat” and “New York Movie.”



This was the first time I had seen “Eleven A.M.”


The exhibit is at the National Gallery until January 21, 2008, and then moves to the Art Institute of Chicago, Feb 16 – May 11, 2008.

We stayed so long we were in danger of missing dinner reservations, so went for burgers at Five Guys instead.  Like I said, best burger on the east coast.

Then to the Kennedy Center to see the St. Petersberg Philharmonic, with music director Yuri Temirkanov and violinist Julia Fischer. I love that concert hall. The concert was excellent, and Fischer can really play that violin.


They played Mozart’s Overture to the Marriage of Figaro, K. 492; Beethoven’s Concerto in D Major for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 61; and Prokofiev’s Symphony No. 5 in B-flat Major, Op. 100.

Next morning, onto the Impressionists by the Sea exhibit at the Phillips Gallery. This is open until January 13, 2008. I loved this Monet – “Le Plage de Trouville.” It was interesting that this was painted at the sea and you can see bits of sand that flew in the wind into the painting. The woman on the left is his wife.


Afterwards, we went to an Italian restaurant for lunch, and all got fresh pasta except for me [dieting. Ha.] I ordered shrimp, which came out with the heads on, cringe. My friend kindly removed the heads for me and hid them away. I still managed to gain 3 pounds in 2 days. Drinking water like a ninja now.


6 responses to “A busy week

  1. You went back and had another ugly burger?

    Sounds like you had an art filled weekend. That’s cool about the sand in the paint.
    Thanks for sharing Michele.

  2. Those ugly burgers are yum.

  3. I love art exhibitions. Our main gallery is in the city and has the worst parking options known to man. You would think it would be a stop on the train line, but no.

  4. Parking was an issue for us too – had to drive around, pump meters with quarters. A hassle – but worth it nonetheless.

  5. This is so surreal to me, Michele. Just this morning I went to my favore cafe and noticed they had replaced two of their paintings. One of them caught my eye and I spent some time staring at it. It was “Automat”. There is something about it that is very appealing to me.

    Oh, Michele, weight-wise, this is definitely not your week. LOL!

  6. I love that painting – the woman alone, contemplating.

    I have managed to take all of that weight off, thank god.

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