Lobster, chocolate, and the sea

We stayed at the Beechmeere Inn, on the sea in Ogunquit, Maine. We walked the Marginal Way,  the long paved walkway along the ocean [viewable from our room].


The first night there, we ate at Jonathon’s [one of just a handful of restaurants still open after tourist season.] I had lobster ravioli. He had lobster poached in butter.

This after being lured into the homemade chocolate shop in “downtown” Oqunquit. A few minutes of browsing, and we left with chocolate covered marshmallows and caramel, chocolate covered orange and lemon peels, chocolate covered pineapple and apricot, chocolate covered ginger, chocolate covered honeycomb, and dark chocolate almond bark. Just in case we got hungry walking along the ocean.


We ate [again] at our favorite restaurant [MC Perkins – at Perkins Cove] for lunch. The best lobster rolls, bloody mary’s, and view of the ocean in town. Jagged rocks, crashing waves, seagulls right there through the expansive windows.

We left happy.


10 responses to “Lobster, chocolate, and the sea

  1. I hate you.

  2. Okay, not really. But I had to make my statement.

  3. What a beautiful inn.
    I love movies set in New England, hearing stories about the place…but I’ve never really explored it. So glad you are telling me about it, I’ll have to do a trip there in the summertime.

  4. Oh, sorry for that food taunting, Soph. Does the fact that I gained 4 pounds make it any better?

    It is really beautiful Kitty. Better to go in the spring or fall when it is not packed full with tourists.

  5. No, as a matter of fact it makes me feel even worse. But did you at least enjoy those 4 pounds? Now, a positive answer would make it a lot better 😉

  6. I enjoyed them, yes. Now I have to pay with a few days of food deprivation.

  7. Food deprivation cancels out food taunting. LOL.

  8. Funny how that works… prime time to taunt me now…

  9. Well I have no room to taunt. I am on a pound losing mission myself.

  10. You too? You do not look like you need to lose anything.

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