I received this invitation yesterday.


PIG ROAST at [name withheld’s] CABIN



9 responses to “What?

  1. Make sure to have extra gravy and dessert. It is for the heart you know.

  2. Oh there are 2 other events for this – an ice cream social and a bake sale.

  3. Surely they could have squeezed in a truck stop breakfast.

  4. LOL.

    I truly do not think they see the irony here – that is what is so funny to me. They are all quite – obliviously serious and good-willed about it all.

  5. That is hilarious.

  6. You walking there, right?

  7. Oh I am not going to a pig roast, jeez.

  8. If “Fighting” was “Promoting”, it would make better sense. These people are crazy.

  9. More clueless, Soph.

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