New Hampshire Film Festival a Class Act


We travelled over 700 miles and it was worth it.

The city of Portsmouth is urbane, yet small and friendly enough so that everything is easily accessible. The same can be said for the New Hampshire Film Festival. The festival director, Nicole Gregg, was hospitable and welcoming. The other attendees were interesting to talk with, excited about the art and business of filmmaking.

We saw some great independent films. Of note were “The Busker” [winner of the New Hampshire Jury Award], “Row Hard, No Excuses,” and “War Dance.” The venues were great, particularly the Music Hall, a grand old theater.  Some of them were quite cozy as well.

We attended all three after-parties and the VIP event on Saturday afternoon, on a rooftop terrace overlooking the city.

The panel discussions were fascinating and highly interactive. This is where we learned the most, and met the most people. All of the panelists took the time to answer questions and networked with attendees throughout the festival, along with the directors, producers, and screenwriters of the films.

Oh. And I gained 4 pounds from excessive food [and drink.] A small price to pay.


5 responses to “New Hampshire Film Festival a Class Act

  1. Welcome back. It sounds like you had a very good time.

  2. I was wondering where you were, Michele.

    Did you get to pitch your script? Meet any screenwriting penpals?

  3. Thanks Max – it was really fun.

    Kitty, no I did not pitch anything, but I did meet some independent producers who gave me their cards and took mine, and some screenwriters and directors. The guy that won one of the awards spent 10 years on his script and directed and produced it independently. We spent time hanging out with him and his wife – nice people. I also talked with a guy that does comedy shorts and sells them online, he told me to contact him anytime. Also the festival director was very friendly and nice, and gave me her card.

  4. Sounds great, Michele, apart from the 4 pounds, but them are the breaks for good food, good wine and good times.

  5. It was, aj. ‘cept for the night I hurled after drinking 3 gin and tonics with a straw on an empty stomach.

    I lost 2 of the 4 pounds to-date, so, not too bad.

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