Smoked out


I recently read that some cities are trying to enact laws to disallow smoking in apartments and condos. And some apartment and condo management companies in the private sector are already disallowing it.  Kicking people out if they don’t stop smoking in 3 months.

First, all bars, restaurants, places of business. Okay, this was annoying, but, I can see it, as much as it is a nuisance [to us smokers, that is].  Then, outside in public places. Natural progression, but, a little more annoying. Who owns outside?  What about all the other pollutants?  No-one is banning those. 

Now, in the privacy of one’s home?

 What country do we live in?

 Why am I not surprised?


8 responses to “Smoked out

  1. Call me crazy, I do not think it is the smokers melting the polar ice caps, I think it is the cars, but no one is banning those.

  2. You have to declare whether you are a smoker on rental application forms here now and can be turned down as an applicant based on that response.

    I think if you own a place though, you should be allowed to smoke in the comfort of your own dwelling. Whether it be a house, apartment, condo or trailer.

  3. I was surprised to read that Linkin Park demanded none of the bands on the Projekt Revolution Tour smoke in any of the backstage areas.
    Rock stars get to do what they want when then want, right? Nope, not on that tour.

  4. Feel free to shoot up in the privacy of your dressing room, but don’t smoke backstage. In the words of Sister Rosetta Tharpe “There are strange things happening every day.”

  5. That’s because Linkin Park is a synonym for “lousy.”

  6. It gets a bit fascistic in NYC, the anti-smoking laws. What you see are a lot of people smoking on the street, huddled in doorways, looking defensive. Hey when I was a smoker, we puffed away in restaurants, bars, our offices…everywhere! Which dates me I guess.

    Our Mayor Bloomberg is a fanatic anti-smoker. So he spends a lot of time legislating against it. Meantime, at his company, there is a huge lawsuit filed by women who were discriminated against once they had kids. So smoking is bad. And so are moms!

  7. You should so come here. In restaurants, there are smoking and non-smoking areas. What they are in reality is smoking and smoking-like-a-chimney areas. The only one place they actually do hunt you down and beat you with a stick if you dare light up a cig is in the subway. Other than that, you can walk way with anything as long as it doesn’t smell like four day shit. And when you want to rent an apartment you are never asked whether you smoke or not, because, well, they know that chances are their sweet apartments will stay empty and haunted for years if they do that. I’m telling you, you should so come here.

  8. “What they are in reality is smoking and smoking-like-a-chimney areas.”

    That so cracks me up.

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