Down to 1


He suddenly, incomprehensibly, lost his wife a few years ago. He hunched down, the weight of the world on his shoulders. And he lost weight.

He lost his best friend 6 months ago. He hunched down some more. And lost some more weight.

He lost his dog, the only company he had left, 2 months ago. He is bent down so low now. And more weight – lost.

This is my father.

And that – is his mailbox. That number – used to say 11.


12 responses to “Down to 1

  1. 1 is the loneliest number. Does he like cats?

  2. I am so sorry, Michele.

  3. Thanks, Max.

    Oh, BruddahBob, he can hardly take care of himself anymore let alone a cat.

    I honestly do not know how he carries on. And so stubborn, he will not take any suggestions re: getting some help. He can hardly walk anymore he is so hunched over and so thin.

  4. Michele,
    This is hard.
    I feel for you.
    I miss my dad.

  5. I’m sorry, Michele. That is so lonely. I’m sorry.

  6. Profound thinking.
    He does have you, Michele.

  7. Thanks guys. It is hard. It is sad. Yes, Kitty, he does have me – but I am 700 miles away and feel virtually helpless.

  8. Hang in there. Sometime stubbornness can be a virtue – as long as he’s still got all his faculties. It can mean he’s hanging tough in his own way. Though it doesn’t make it any easier for you.

  9. This is agonizingly beautiful writing Michele.

    I have a good friend whose older than I am by a fare bit (the mother of that boy you reminded me of a litlte while back actually) and she always says, “Growing old is not for sissies.” She says it with a smile – a way to bring levity to the seriousness of it all. Your dad is obviously no sissy. That’s not nothing. Though I’m sure it doesn’t help much when you’re the daughter…

    Many good vibes your way Michele – and your dad’s.

  10. Thanks BruddahBob. He’s always been stubborn, in control, and he is still that way – or wants to be.

    Thanks for sending those good vibes, Sulya.

  11. Touching writing, Michele. And if you’re the one he has left, then he is pretty darn lucky.

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